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Hey.  I’m Duane Redford.  I guide fly fishers, speak, teach, tie flies, and write about fly fishing.  Obviously, I like the sport.  I’ve been guiding full-time/full-tilt for the last 12 years.  Been fly fishing since I was ten, so for over 40 years I’ve been toting a flyrod.

Previous to my guiding career, I was a teacher and coach in Colorado.  22 years worth.  I loved it, but the tug from fly fishing (literally) pulled me in another direction.  I guide out of Minturn Anglers, Minturn Colorado, on the Eagle River in the beautiful Vail Valley.

Hope those of you that visit my blog will dialogue with me, because I’d like to include what you want to see and read.  Also, please share this, if you think it’s worthy to other folks.  I’ll try to update every opportunity.  Til then, FEAR NO WATER!


Posted August 22, 2012 by duaneredford

23 responses to “About Duane Redford

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  1. Uncle D. You should update this page, and add something about your book and where it is available, etc!

  2. Did! Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Also, made another page just for the book. You can teach old dogs….

  4. Awesome job! Love it.

  5. Hi Duane,

    I have been looking for the illustration you mentioned but have not seen it yet. Send it to my email address, jeffmcclung@msn.com I will get on it as soon as I get it. Jeff, Happy trails!

  6. Duane, what sunglasses do you like?

    • Scott and Cloud on the upper and middle end and Maxx on the more economical end. That being said, my optics are prescription, modeled after a Scott design. Either way folks go, I like the coffee colored lens. What kind do you prefer?

  7. Thanks Duane. I’m leaning toward the brown tint as well. Have tried some that come off yellow, which is ok for low light, but not bright sun. Still looking. Thanks for the tip. Love the book. Keep up the good work.

  8. Duane,

    Pleasure to meet you at the Fly Fishing Show and I am enjoying your book. Would love to contact you through email to continue the conversation-

  9. Hey I am Sean I just met you in person at the fly fishing show on sat. I was the kid who talked to you. I just wanted to say that your te in my opinion the best guide that is in colorado you are patient and nice to your clients. Also I have always loved your style and how you fish. As a 14 year old trout bum that fly fishes colorado you are someone who I look up to. Your videos have helped me better fly fishing and sight nymphing the platte. Unfortunately I have never done a guided trip with you I am excited for that day to come. Also I see you a lot when I fish there but I don’t want to bother you and your client. I really want to fish with you in person and learn your skills. Thankyou again for taking the time to talk to me at the show with my friend. Not a lot of people would listen to a 14 year old trout un but you did and I thankyou so much!

    Thankyou! And have a wonderful new year!

    • Hi Sean!

      Yes, it was good talking with you and your buddy at the show. I am humbled and honored by your comments. Thank you.

      It’s always nice to hear of folks that benefit even a little bit from the stuff I post up. Gonna try to put up more videos this year, I miss it.

      Thanks again for your comments, and next time you see me on the river, with or without clients, stop by and say hey. I’ll do the same if I see you.

      From one trout bum to another, Fear No Water!

  10. Duane,

    I have read your book and think it is great. I live in Northern California and am planning a trip to Colorado this summer for a wedding. I was hoping to schedule a guided trip with you, but I can’t find your website or phone info. Can you please send me your contact info. If you can send it to my email address, that would be great.


    Look forward to hearing from you! Frank Martini

  11. Duane – such an awesome time fishing with you yesterday! Will definitely contact you next time. I only want you as my guide!! Will bring a bigger group next time. How many times has someone caught on the 1st cast with you like I did?? Just curious as no one believes me!! Please send the pics of me and Coleman as soon as you have a chance. Best, Peter Berk

  12. Duane, what model reddington waders do you use?

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  14. Big fan! Keep it reel! Haha!

  15. I enjoyed your interview on askaboutflyfishing.com. I have been keeping a fishing journal for about 60 years. I average about a hundred annually now. Your ideas made me think that I need to take temperatures more often during the day, esp when things change. I also need to review my journals more often. I am in the process of making a journal index so I can see what happened by date or water. I am going to buy your book. I like the Minturn shop. They rented me a rod and told me where to catch a bunch of fish this spring, close to the shop.
    Thanks, Frank

    • Hey Frank,

      Glad you enjoyed the interview, and hope you enjoy the book. Wow, sounds like you have piles of data! As a data geek myself, I’m jealous! Stop by next time you’re near Minturn, I’d like to meet you.

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