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I fished with Bob from Texas this week.  What a great guy.  We were walking in the river when we both noticed a 2 strand hunk of wire sticking out.  We began to pull on it and noticed that it crossed the entire river.  At that point, not wanting to shorten his day, I told him I would come back for it.  He wasn’t going to have any of that as he quickly stashed his fly rod and began to dislodge the wire.  After 15 or 20 minutes, we had the entire length of wire out of the river and stashed on the far bank. 

Thanks Bob for being such a great steward of one of Colorado’s gems. 

Be looking next week for some more videos!!!!



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It’s been an interesting week on the South Platte.  The river has fished well despite the bumps and drops in flows, a few dumping rains, and a bit of a seasonal shift in bugs.  Not seeing a bunch of caddis this past week, but we are starting to see the psuedo baetis (about a size 20), and more adult stone flies.  Still seeing tricos, and at times, epic pmd hatches.  Just stay ahead of the hatches by reading the fish and the bugs. From fishing emergers early and spents late in the hatch, if you remain diligent, hatches are easy to manage.

Speaking of adult stone flies, yesterday while on a trip, I watched a big adult stone try to skitter across the river to a stone wall on the other side.  I was pulling for him, but he didn’t make it.  A nice brown gulped him about two feet from safety.  I quickly cut off the nymphs and tied on a single Amy’s Ant (8) and in the second drift that fish ate again. Proceeded to pick up another five or so on top in the next 50 yards of river on that single Amy’s. No need to tie on droppers when the fish eat like that.  Just fish the softer water along the edges, get good drifts by direct upstream work, or quarter downstream work.  Strive to keep your drifts short enough that you can mend completely and can set properly.

Bugs that are still working include, red/tan san juan worms, pat’s rubber legs, amy’s aunt, size 20 rsii’s, soft hackle pheasant tails, and smaller adams dries.

Fear No Water,


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Marty with a strong cutty   Leave a comment

Marty with a strong cutty

This fish ate a tan san juan worm

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Me and Matt

Nice Brown on a red san juan worm

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This is the type of post I’d like to make on a weekly basis. Of course, I’ll take recommendations and requests. Just short, somewhat unedited, film clips related to fly fishing.

Stuff right out of the Fly Fishers Playbook. I’ll build it as we go….

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Hello everyone,

Ok, a little patience is in order.  New to blogging, and as a blog-rookie, I will muddle my way thru.  I’m sure you’ll see changes/improvements to the blog as I get up to speed.

I plan to blog about fishing trips, tips, techniques, and all other topics you may bring up.

So stay tuned, this should be fun.


The Fly Fishers’ Playbook

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