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I fished with Bob from Texas this week.  What a great guy.  We were walking in the river when we both noticed a 2 strand hunk of wire sticking out.  We began to pull on it and noticed that it crossed the entire river.  At that point, not wanting to shorten his day, I told him I would come back for it.  He wasn’t going to have any of that as he quickly stashed his fly rod and began to dislodge the wire.  After 15 or 20 minutes, we had the entire length of wire out of the river and stashed on the far bank. 

Thanks Bob for being such a great steward of one of Colorado’s gems. 

Be looking next week for some more videos!!!!



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  1. Bob is a good dude, met him when he stopped in our spot and watched us fish, happened to be a phenominal day, he caught anice we took a pic of. Got to send it to him, he seemed to really have a passion for fly fishing, hope to run into him again, Dougie

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