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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had the honor to guide two absolutely great people this past week. John and Fred.  These are the kind of folks that after we spend time on the river, we become friends.  Just good people.  Pictured to the left is the first fish Fred has caught with a fly rod.  Made it look easy.  This fish ate a stone fly nymph imitation (size 12 Pat’s Rubberleg).  Yup, that’s good news, means the flows have come up, and fish food is being knocked about.  Nice feeesh!








Here’s Fred with another fish and John to the left.  John and I have fished together before.  He is a decent stick and a dang nice dude. 

Let me remind everyone to fish through the entire drift, from the initial stage through the swing stage.  I swear, if done properly, you should pick up about a third of your fish on the swing.  Fish it all the way and position set at the end.  If you need more explanation, feel free to comment.

Gotta be slated for some snow someday….Soon I hope!

Happy Holidays, and remember, the Fly Fishers Playbook will fit neatly into any fly fishers’ stocking!

Til next week,

Fear No Water!

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2 responses to “John and Fred.

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  1. Fishing through the swing! You said it! I’d never given much time on the swing of my drifts, then I went out with Duane. I couldn’t believe how many fish I was missing! He says a third and I’d say it could be more. Great piece of advice, fish through the swing!

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