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I figure I might as well finish the job and talk some more about how to read the river.  If you haven’t already, take a look at a 5 minute video I loaded on youtube:  It’s pretty basic, but I think it shows the foundation of river reading.  You have to find the fish, and find out what they’re eating.  It’s that basic, but that important.  Reading the river is the first step in finding fish.


The picture above illustrates how and where fish hold in the different parts of a run, couple this with why they are there, and you’re mostly done.  Obviously, what’s left is what they’re eating and at what stage is the insect of choice. That’s what I call reverse entomology and it’s for another time.
The fishes nose is pointing to where he was stationed in the run.  He was in the seam that forms the shelf below the riffle.  He ate a black midge pupa.
This fish is pointing to where he was fooled by a Pat’s Rubberleg.  He was sitting in the uppper section of the tailout.  See the riffle downstream?
Please feel free to ask questions, comment, and share this info.
Another good source for this information, and it is in much more depth, is the Fly Fishers’ Playbook.  I think you can still order one and have it for Christmas!
Fear No Water!

2 responses to “Reading, reading, reading the river……

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  1. good stuff D.

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