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So, I’m trying to get some sight fishing video last weekend before a guiding trip and I run into this nutty fish.  I watch this trout slide up the edge of the rock-to- sand line, witness him stage-up and proceeded to prepare the attempt. 

The South Platte below Deckers, Colorado is unique, in that, it has an inordinate amount of sand. Decompossing granite actually, left over from erosion deposits after the Hayman Fire.   Those that fish it regularly know that when fish set up on the rock to sand edge, they are there to eat. 

I get the camera set on a tripod, strip out the line I need, and the rest is history.  I rolled that fish.  He ate hard, I set, and on his intial move the bug came unbuttoned.  Usually, at that point the fish will disolve over the rocks, or slide downstream to the nearest pool to pout.  After watching this fish react for an instant it became obvious the he was not going to flush. 

If you watch closely, I change my angle slightly, to change the drift characteristics a bit.  A subtle change in angles can make the difference.  I also move closer to this fish, and a bit more behind him.  Make the appropriate moves and fish with confidence. 

Once the depth and speed are dialed in, little changes in angles can illicit even pricked fish to eat again.  It’s unusual, but like I have said before, trout are funny people.


Here’s a nice rainbow that ate for my client later that day.  Only had to prick her once!

To see the video of the twice-pricked fish, go to:

 Hope you enjoy, and Fear No Water!

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