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Hidy Ho Good Neighbors!

Well, the season is about to get cranking.  I’ve been guiding some, but most of my winter work has been in the form of traveling across the country presenting at shows, expos, and Trout Unlimited groups.  Been from Cleveland to Coeur d’alane, and a ton of points in between.

The real fun I find with  speaking are the myriad questions I receive before, during, and after the presentation.  I really learn from those questions. They make me think, and dig deeper into my knowledge and experience.  The level of the question doesn’t matter as all questions are viable and relevant.  The more I’m queried, the more I learn, and in turn, the more I eventually teach.  It’s a neat cycle.

I realize some questions are never asked in a public or private setting because it makes folks (me included) feel vulnerable.  I wish that wasn’t the case because I am confident someone along with the questioner would reap some sort of benefit.  So, I come to you folks that read my blog to selfishly ask for fly fishing questions.  I’m in the process of writing another book, and the more questions I have the better the book will be!

I really don’t care what you ask.   The level or depth of the question doesn’t matter, as each question will open dialogue into other areas.  So be specific or general, and remember there aren’t any stupid questions.  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find someone that does.  Think of any discipline within fly fishing, except salt water (not for this book).  Casting, drift, bug choices, knots, fly lines, landing fish, reading the water, it’s all game.

If you don’t feel comfy asking on this forum, shoot me an email at:

I really appreciate everyone’s help!  Thanks, and Fear No Water!

Idaho beauty.

Idaho beauty.


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3 responses to “Plea for questions….

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  1. Duane, any thoughts on using tippet rings?

  2. Hi Duane. I have a question about trying to nymph fish a seam.

    When I’m trying to fish a particular seam my indicator, weight, and flies land on the water in different places. They line up. Out of the three (indicator, weight, flies), what should I try to land in the seam so I can get things to line up properly for the fish?

    • Hi Josh,

      Funny you should ask that. Just finished up that chapter of the next book. Great question, impeccable timing. Let’s begin by taking the line out of the equation as much as possible. This is done by accomplishing complete and constant mending and loop management. It’s always going to be part of the equation when it come to suspended/hinged nymphing under an indicator, but try to get as much out of the equation as possible with solid mending skills.
      Next, there are skills you can employ to get the indicator and bugs in the same seam as often as possible. One is to try to work upstream as much as possible, two is to use mending techniques to try to place the indicator and flies in the same seam, three is to learn how to adjust for indicator speeds when it’s not possible to put them both in the same seam.
      This is a lot to get into, in fact it is basically a chapter in the next book; however, I’m pretty sure if you concentrate on the 3 things I mentioned, and experiment with pile, stack and pause mends, and upstream work, you’ll figure it out.

      Thanks Josh, Fear No Water!

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