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Hidy ho good flyfishers.

A River Runs Through  It was a great movie, no doubt.  It did wonderful marketing and spurred the fly fishing industry.  Fantastic acting, scenery, and of course the epic fly casting.  Ah, the fly casting.  Proved to be the strike point or brand of the film.  However, I think it has scared away many would be fly fishers.

I have folks come into the fly shop and tell me that they would love to learn to fly fish but aren’t capable of the rod handling that they saw in the movie.  Had a nice lady ask me last year if she should book back to back days on the water, because she figured we would work the entire first day on casting. My clients today said I better think about just tying on one fly (instead of three) because they aren’t capable of casting three fly rigs.  I told them that if you can say “three bug rig” you can certainly cast it.

I admire good casting skills as much as the next dude, but all an nymph angler needs is the ability to utilize a water loaded roll cast.    Stick your elbow in the slot, get your thumb as high as your hat, pick a spot, and put your thumb on it.  It really is that simple, and I find folks pick it up rapidly.  And yup, you guessed it, the minute you roll cast you are officially fly fishing.  I have a video or two on youtube dealing with casting.  They are easy to find, if you want a refresher.  Just type my name and youtube for a search.

The South Platte is fishing great.  Blue Wings are coming off any time of the day depending on conditions, and the fish are on them.  Trips have been very productive nymphing in the morning and looking for noses to cast dry flies and dry-drops to in the late morning, early afternoon.  Pheasant tails and baetis emergers are the ticket.

I am busy working on a new technique, nothing earth shattering, but it works.  I’m having clients utilize it in certain conditions, and it is proving to be effective and fun.  Think I’ll keep R&Ding it and maybe include it in my next book. Time will tell.

Probably going to post every other week, because I’m getting very busy.  If something happens that just needs to be shared, I’ll certainly post it.  Please feel free to contact me, and comment.   Until then, Fear No Water! Duane



Rollin’ Rollin’ Roll casting on the river..   2 comments

Hey folks!

I’ve been super busy running my shorthairs after game birds.  I did, however find the time last week to put together a video dealing with the roll cast.  The roll cast is a vital cast to master, because it forms a solid base of which to perfect other casts (reach, tuck casts).

I would guess that when nymphing I probably roll cast eighty percent of the time.  It’s a great idea to be able to “spot cast” with a roll cast when nymphing to not only get onto fish accurately, but to also cut down on the amount of wind knots from casting a weighted nymph rig. When fishing dries, dry drops, and streamers, I will still use it to set up other casts and to minize fly-rod flash that spooks fish.  It’s just a great tool.

At the end of the swing stage in a typical nymph drift, we always put in a blind or position set.  If done correctly this actually leads perfectly into the first phase of the roll cast.  All this stuff meshes together to make you one fly fishing machine. 

See the video at:




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