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Yea, yea, I know.  This time of year is so much fun for me.  I get to bowhunt Nebraska and the guiding season for pheasants is cranking up.  Haven’t forgotten about fly fishing, just other things to do.  I will continue to try to update every Monday through the winter.  I’ve got a couple fly fishing trips booked in between pheasant hunts coming up.

The South platte is still fishing great.  Tricos have all but diminished til next year, but we are seeing a tiny baetis (about 22), and the fish are on them.  It’s fun to try to pick up fish on tiny bugs on the surface.  Use full length leaders (minimum 8′)smaller tippets (6x), set up properly so you don’t spook fish with your fly rod “flash” or fly line, and work your way into the fish.  Depending on the set-up you can quarter downstream approach, cross stream approach, or you can upstream approach.  Each situation is different.  Be cautious and try to figure it out.  Experience is the best teacher here.  Remember, “If you ain’t catchin’, you should be learnin”.

I am taping a national podcast this week on  Will let you know when my podcast becomes available.  In the meantime, Fear No water! 

p.s. Pictured are Blue the pheasant-finding-machine, and a small buck that fed under my stand…….

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