Colors of Fall   2 comments

What a great time of the year!  The weather is really holding and the fish are carrying the colors of fall.

The rainbow on the left ate a brown leech pattern behind an egg.  Guess it figured it would eat the ham first.  Picking up a bunch of fish using that technique.  Just put the leech about 4″ below the egg under an indicator. 







Here’s Pat with a super fish picked up on the North Fork.

Not a bad fish.  Pat really tore ’em up.  Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. I believe this fish ate a leech as well.






No doubt you need to layer up to fish this time of year, but the rewards can be fantastic.







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Fear No Water!








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2 responses to “Colors of Fall

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  1. Duane,
    You could tell the rest of the story about the fish in the first photo but no one would believe it. Thanks for a great day. you really know your stuff! Can’t wait to get out with you again.

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