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  Although it’s not historically supported, low flows are not uncommon in the winter months on freestones and tailwaters alike.  It’s a fact of life, although it’s not always desireable or easy to fish.  You just have to employ a different mind-set.

I still fish 3 bug nymph rigs, but I will use lighter tippets (6x), smaller, bugs, and smaller indicators.  My distances between bugs diminishes because the water columns typically consolodate.  Bugs that are usually separated by 12″ are now drifting about 8″ apart.  Indicators are still yarn, but are trimmed to a low profile and are not as thick as before. 

When you locate fish in shallow water, it’s not a bad idea to scoot your indicator further up the line, or take it off altogether if the fish is unusually spooky.  Most times I’ll fish to those fish with a typical set-up, but I really focus on the set-up and fly rod flash, in an attempt to not bust fish.  Keep drifts short on sighted fish to really control your presentation.  Fish to the fish.  Meaning set on fish movement or if you see “cotton” or the white of the fishes mouth opening.

Your thermometer is a great tool this time of year.  Water temps really drive the fish feeding, so getting a good handle on your particular waters feeding temps is important.  Document that stuff, it’ll pay dividends later.

It’s a great time of year to fish.  get out and cover water, sight fish, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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