Winter holds….   3 comments

  Winter holds what?  Winter holds for trout.  As the water gets skinny, every trout has to move to winter holding spots to survive.  Look for deeper cuts of river downstream of an oxygenated riffle.  Or, better yet, look for fish.  Get some good polarized optics, and work on your fish spotting skills.

On the South Platte we are still seeing baetis, or Blue Wings.  Not as prolific as before, but still lurking.  Don’t be caught without the ability to change rigs quickly when you see them start to pop.

You gotta fish like a ninja from here til basically run-off, so you might as well start working on fish spotting and sight nymphing.  Sight nymphing is the epitome of nymphing.  Have to find the fish, sneak in, present bugs, and set on movement. Fish to the fish.  Great fun.  If you haven’t already, look at a short video at

I would like to hear some feedback on my podcast.  The link to listen in is  Pass it around to your friends!

Have a great week folks, you never know what WINTER HOLDS!


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3 responses to “Winter holds….

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  1. Love the pic!

  2. Duane,
    Absolutely loved the podcast! Only thing I would change would be making it longer. I thought you did an excellent job “dumbing” down complex topics and breaking everything down.
    Tight lines,

    • Thanks Dan. Glad you liked it. Gotta tell you, I really appreciate the props on your blog. I’m trying to follow your lead as much as possible regarding blogging. Sloooowwwwly building a following. Without your help I’d be sitting here listening to crickets…..
      Thanks again, any other tips and hints are welcome!

      Take care!


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