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Hey Folks,

Thought I’d continue with the theme from a couple weeks ago dealing with mending tecniques.  I dug up an old short video dealing with an upstream cast and an upstream mending technique.  This works for nymphing as well as dry fly work.

Being able to effectively pick apart a river while working upstream is invaluable.  I like to work right up the middle of the river picking apart various seams from the inside out.  You can cover, and I mean cover, serious water perfectly once this tecnique is mastered.

I absolutely live for the late afternoon after a full day guide trip when I get to fish my way home.  Typically, I will throw a dry or two on and work as I described above.  Great fun.

The key is to regulate the drift with the fly line loop that forms right under your rod tip.  Strip line too fast and the loop is gone while you “pull” the flies thru the drift.  Strip too slowly and the loop grows too big and the flies are dragged thru the water.  Obviously, the better you control the loop by using the management loop, the more perfect the loop, and the more perfect the drift.  It’s something you have to practice, but you can tell when the drift suffers.

Another thing, after the cast, leave the fly rod in the flat and low position.  All too often I see folks upstream cast, and immediately lift the fly rod tip.  Remember, the mend is the action of stipping in line at the proper speed.

Have fun with it.  See the video at: http://youtu.be/QL4Tf56IF0I


Fear No Water! 


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