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Hey Folks, 

Here’s a bow we hooked last week on a Pat’s Rubber Leg.  The Stone Fly nymphs are molting, and the fish are on them.


Last week I was priveledged to speak to another Trout Unlimited Chapter. The Cheyenne Mountain Chapter out of Colorado Springs is a very innovative and energetic group.  I look forward to tracking their progress. 

Next week, the 14th, I will be speaking to the Greenback Chapter of TU in Pueblo.  Road trip!  It is very humbling to stand in front of hard working, dedicated folks, and talk fly fishing.  My presentation deals with the restoration of Horse Creek, all the factors that negatively effect the Platte, and how to overcome them.  The ol South Platte is hard enough to guide day in and day out, but you factor in how Horse Creek impacts it, and you are staring a super finicky beast in the kisser.

That’s how The Fly Fishers Playbook was born.  It took a solid 5 years to develop the Playbook, and truth be told, it’s still evolving.   The Playbook was basically written before I ever hit a key.  I kept a journal for every minute I spent on that river.  After a couple years I began to see that I could systematically progress thru options to get to fish.  In other words, I stopped guessing as to what to do next, and began to filter thru the next best method to attack the river.  It was a blast to write.

Why am I writing about this?  I started writing the book 2 years ago March 5th, so I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.  Also, the book has opened several doors.  I’ve met some fantastic people presenting, doing book signings, podcasts, and of course on the river. 

I’m really considering beginning another book.   I’ve an outline cooking, but need to work out some details.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to speak to whatever group that will have me.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.  Here’s another picture as payment….









Fear No Water,


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  1. I still get tips I use from ur book bro, it improves my fishing all the time, thanks, Dougie

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